The Transformation and growth we have seen in Nicole in just 8 short months is amazing. Through fun filled activities, the kids learn socially appropriate behaviour and communication skills to engage in meaningful exchanges with one another. The learning platform has given Nicole the opportunity to practice the different skill sets with her peers. Nicole Looks forward to each and every session and is now more confident and vocal. We truly appreciate and thank Suet leng and Yi Tian for equipping Nicole with these critical skills.

- Jacqueline ( Nicoleís Mummy)

She is able to express herself better and is more aware of the people around her. She is more aware of the people around her and is not able to proactively initiate and respond accordingly in a conversation.

- Ameliaís Daddy

My child is better at turn-taking now. He is less impulsive and more comfortable when sharing.

- Russellís Mummy

He is able to have a good conversation with other people, he is able to ask good questions and make good comments. He is much more aware of what is happening. He is also able to maintain his attention during class.

- Dominicís Mummy

He is very talkative now and is able to express himself in a group. In school he is more keen to participate in answering questions which in a way has shown that he is more confident nowadays.

- Reubenís Daddy

James can focus more and listen to instructions, he knows when to take his turn and can stay on topic now. He can recall and share his experiences and will ask questions and be more aware of other peopleís feelings.

- James' Mummy

Zhongting is less rigid now, he is able to share and will not resist doing show and tell. He shows more participation in class and greets his friends more spontaneously. He is able to mix with other children in school and participates well in group work. He is also now able to initiate and repair a conversation although he is still not good at maintaining this with small talk.

- Zhong Tingís Mummy